Why Hislittlesecret?

Privacy – Your Identity is 100% private!  Once your account has been approved the verification information you provided is purged from the system.

Corporations sell your information! – Don’t believe what they tell you. We never sell your information.

No restrictions! – Voice and Text sessions are considered private conversations between two consenting adults.

Sessions are private – we do not record or monitor text or voice connections.  All connections (voice and text) are made end-to-end using the internet’s SSL IP network.  With that said, in this day and age of multiple governments and our ability to connect to other people worldwide you should never believe that your connections are private from the government's prying eyes.  Sites like NiteFlirt and Keen do in fact record and monitor all connections to ensure compliance.

Payment Privacy – Hislittlesecret uses an online currency called Webtokens. https://webtokencurrency.com/  WebTokens shield your payment history from your credit card company and bank.  Sure, the process of acquiring Webtokens for use on the Girls2Talk2 platform might seem like a bit of a hassle but we feel your privacy is worth the extra effort.

We are not perfect, but we are better than the others.  We are a single-owner corporation that believes in the freedom of adults around the world to engage in consenting connection with other adults privately and anonymously.

We actively support freedom organizations such as the “EFF -  Electronic Frontier Foundation”  -  (https://www.eff.org/”  and the “Woodhull Freedom Foundation” (https://www.woodhullfoundation.org/)

We do our best to provide the best customer service at 800-882-9001

Before becoming a “Fan” do your homework and review all the documents listed at the bottom of our home page.