Hints to help get started!

Getting started - Click on “All Models” in the nav bar.

The “All Models” tab will get you a list of available models.  Look at the models, click on their profiles, and “Favorite” the one you are interested in. You “favorite” a model by clicking on the heart in the top right corner of their image.

You can only initiate a text or voice session with a model you have favorited.

Go into the “Chat Room” by clicking on the chat room tab in your nav bar.

When in the chat room you will see a list of the models you have favorited.

Click on one you would like to start a session with. Before you can send a text message you will need to acquire some tokens.

You can send a text message at any time. If the model is online she will get the message immediately. If she is not online she will get it first thing when she logs on.

If the model is online you can initiate a live voice session by clicking on the telephone icon next to the “Share Tip” button. When you do, a “Calling Now” popup will show up on your screen and on the model’s screen. If she can take the call she will click accept and you will be connected.

Voice sessions are done browser to browser – no phone line is used to ensure your privacy. You or the model can terminate the session at any time.  The system keeps track of the time used on a per-minute basis and deducts it from your token balance..

Tipping is optional but appreciated by your models. You can tip easily from the “Share Tip” button.

Acquire Tokens – Click on the token balance button in your nav bar. If this is your first purchase you will need to set up a payment method using the “Payment Settings” in your profile drop-down menu.            

Your Profile – You have the ability to provide a user profile of yourself that models can access and get to know you better. Feel open to listing your topics of interest that would make interactions between you and the model more satisfying.   Your profile is totally optional. Remember all your information shared is 100% secure and private.

Have fun!

Need immediate help - Our help line is 800-882-9001