by Emma

  I’ve been so horny this past week…and by that, I mean hornier than normal. I’ve been masturbating in just about any place that I can and enjoying the powerful orgasms that come with the thought of what would happen if I were to get caught…

Today was the library and of course, I couldn’t contain myself and wait till I got home – I didn’t want to either. I am not a quiet girl by means so it was incredibly hard to keep myself quiet as I fingered myself under one of the tables, if I’m being completely honest it was almost torture, but it just made the sweet climax that much more exciting. I completely suspect that the quiet shy girl behind the checkout desk knew just what I was up to – she kept making eye contact with me and that just made the thrill even bigger. I certainly hope that when she went home she got off as hard as I did thinking about what a bad girl I was being. 

If you want more details I guess you’ll just have to give me a call. I’ll be horny and waiting…  1-888-469-6228