Leslie- The Secret Phone Sex Girl Explains The Excitement

Are you someone that thinks secret phone sex is not around anymore? That it went out with the 1990’s? That every guy out there is looking to watch girls on cam? The answer may surprise you. Phone sex is alive and well. Guys looking to masturbate in secret are still turning to the phone lines after all these years.

Monique- Masturbation On The Farm, Two is Better

I was raised on a farm, and as you know, people in the country seem to mature a little faster. They often see “nature at work” so to speak and learn things before city ones might. I’ve always been curious, and took to masturbation early. It was always one of my favorite things to masturbate outside. I loveĀ  the sun and to feel it on my skin as I enjoyed myself. We had a large property, so I had little worry about being seen or caught.

We Love Big Men and Big Men Love To Talk To Us

I love big men. Big, burly men that, when I wrap my arms around them, make me feel like I’m holding on to something strong and sexy. Something more than a toothpick that might blow away in the wind. Big men make me feel more protected and safe. They’re just more fun to cuddle with.

Carol Tells all About Her Cuckold Hubby and How She Was Satisfied

I told my hubby when we met, I was going to continue to see other men on the side. He had a tiny cock. Hubby was unsure about being my cuckold but he was only three inches when hard. He began to understand and asked if he could at least watch me get fucked by other men…

Emma-Hornier Than Normal

I’ve been so horny this past week…and by that, I mean hornier than normal. I’ve been masturbating in just about any place that I can and enjoying the powerful orgasms that come with the thought of what would happen if I were to get caught…

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